My dragon is growing up, need some feeding advice

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My beardie is named Leo and I've had him for about 9 months. I bought him from a pet store as a baby, and they were not very clear about his age. I think that he is about 10-11 months old, almost a year.

I need some advice about feeding him please. I've been feeding him Phoenix worms twice a day, with a salad in the morning. In the salad I put collard greens, and either carrots, strawberries, butternut squash, or bell peppers (it really depends on what is in the fridge, my parents do the grocery shopping).

What I need advice on is how to transition him from the juvenile diet to the adult diet. From my research I have learned that adults need a large salad every day, and a protein source (like the worms), about two to three times a week. He is a very healthy lizard, and is very excited about his worms. He is on a very strict schedule (mostly because my schedule is so strict). When I wake up, at 7 a.m, I feed him about 30 worms and go to the barn and ride my horse. You should note that my lights are on a timer, he wakes up and goes to bed when I do, because he lives in my room. Then, when I get back from the barn, at about 11 a.m, I make him a salad. At night his lights go off at 9 p.m, which is when I go to bed, so I feed him at about 6 p.m, again feeding him about 30 worms.

We are on a pretty nice schedule, and I'm worried about how and when to transition him to his new diet. I'm worried that he might be confused about why I'm not feeding him twice a day anymore, but I also know that to be healthy, he needs to eat less protein now.

Thank you for any advice that you can give me on this topic. I really appreciate it and I'm sure that Leo does too!


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it isn't hard to transition diets what i would do is start cutting back on the worms every other day like say monday instead of 30 worms in the am maybe do 20 and do the same in the pm then the next day is normal and wednesday is maybe 10 or 15 worms then back to normal for thursday and so on and as you are cutting back on the worms add more salad (the 60 worms every other day shouldn't change much as they still need protein just not as much) you want him to have about the same amount of food every day to keep his belly nice and full it is just the protein that needs to change.
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