my beautiful mushy

i just discovered this beardie memorial and i just had to add my beautiful boy.

may you rest well and eat all the worms and bask your little heart away <3 you will always be the best boy <3 im so glad my brother rescued you for me, you were the best light in my life 🫶

i remember when i first met you at my brothers i was so scared and amazed at how cool and spiky you were. when my brother took you out and you ran right for me and licked me made me instantly have a connection with you. he told me all about how he found you on the facebook marketplace in the worst condition ever. no lights. no food. tail rot. it was so sad to hear that, but i knew that you were in loving and caring hands with me and that made me feel better. its so terrible that people neglect beardie’s or just any animal in general.

the day i brought you home and cuddled you all day was amazing. waking up and turning your lights on was the best part of my day because you always gave me that grumpy morning face 😂 the way you would run over to your bowl and pancake in it to indicate you want more food. all your funny positions and sleeping positions were the best i cant forget those. and you were such a sassy man, i loved that so much about you. all my friends and family loved you, you were the best beardie ever <3 i am so glad we met mushy and im so glad to have given you the best life. go explore the universe 🫶

11/26/22 💔
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