My Beardies aren't eating

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AT least not that I've noticed.

I recently got these cool little guys about a week ago. I've been feeding them Fresh greens and mango, and crickets. The large one (which i figured out was male) I can hand feed a few pieces of greens, the smaller one (recently figured out was female) wont eat anything. I've watch videos of similar aged dragons and they chase down crickets...mine dont even give them a second look. They are about 5/6 months according to the person I got them from. I dont know what to do and it scares me they aren't eating. I've noticed that they've had a few "movements" to put it politely the past couple of days, so that tells me they are eating SOMETHING, but I dont know if they are getting enough of whatever. I've got them both in a 55 gal tank. I'll show you the set up, let me know if i'm doing anything wrong.






First thing you need to do is separate them. Beardies are solitary animals. If two are housed together, one will become dominant, and the other one will be under considerable stress. Also if one's a male and one's a female, the male may try to mate repeatedly with the female, which can lead to fights, eggs, and all other kinds of unwanted problems.
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