My beardie swallowed water balloon!!

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It was hot today so I took my beardie Harley outside to get some sun. My niece had been play with water balloons and dropped one before I even knew it Harley took off and had it in her mouth by the time i grabbed her she had it in her mouth and swallowed it. Shes 2 years old and about 17 inches and the closest reptile specialist is 2 hours away. I tried some baby food and olive oil and she ate most off it is there anything else I should try it was a tiny piece but still worried.

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Baby food with the oil and warm baths should do the trick. She should be just fine. Just watch for it to pass.

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2 years old is in her favor. Keep the olive oil and warm baths coming. If it doesn't pass in a few days or she shows ill effects think about the vet. After reading about a metal washer being passed, a water baloon sounds more doable. Best wishes to both of you!

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Hi there....just to clear up, did she swallow a water balloon, or a tiny piece ? Your last sentence says a tiny piece ? If so that's a big difference....a whole ballooon would be a much bigger problem. Like was mentioned, a small piece should pass through in a few days, but possibly longer. A while ago a poster's beardie passed a sandwich bag that it had eaten, but it took quite a long time....I think 2-3 weks but the dragon acted normally the entire time. :)


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Yay so she pooped it out today i fed her finely chopped carrots and olive oil and it came out!!


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For some reason i just think of the bearded dragon running up to a water balloon full of water and munching down on it the water going everywhere.
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