My beardie is hissing

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My beardie is hissing and I don't know what to do. I went to pet her back yesterday and she hissed at me. She is only like nine months old. I feed her veggies in the morning and either crickets or mealworms after I get home from school. Her lights come on at 7 and go off at 8 30. I don't know what to do.


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Luis and Lilith
Nine months would be around the puberty/rebel phase but hissing is fairly extreme.
How long have you had her and how much do you handle her?

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When does she primarily do the hissing? Are you moving too quickly around her possibly?
I would try handling her daily, if you can & get her out of her tank to socialize her. They thrive
on attention so try finding a favorite food or snack that she likes that you can possibly hand feed



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Luis and Lilith
Exactly. You can also try putting your hand close to her and just leaving it inside the tank for a minute or two and see if she calmes down before interacting with her.
Beardie name(s)
Like the others said, try to let her trust you a bit more, (by placing your hand inside, hand feeding, etc.) and once she stops hissing and let’s you stroke her calmly, after a bit of that you can try to pick her up and if she lets you hold her on your lap for a bit. You can also let her walk around the room a bit. Eventually she’ll hopefully grow to like you, but all beardies are different. And try to handle her daily, then shelll get more used to you and have some more enrichment. Hope this helps!

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