My beardie hates getting baths

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My beardie is seven almost eight weeks old. I got mushu about a week ago. The breeder I got her from wasn't supplying her with enough water. So her skin was very wrinkly. I since then have been giving her a bath every day around 9:00pm. She hates having one. Her favorite part is getting out! I always put a towel on the side so she can climb Out when she’s ready. But she climbs out as soon as she can. The water in just below her shoulders. And is a pretty warm. Do you guys have any tips for Mushu? If you do please let me know it would be greatly appreciated. -lexie

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Wrinkles in the skin are normal for bearded dragons. The best indicator of a hydrated dragon is it's poo and urate …. if it's hard and dry --> dehydrated , if it's like a puddle --> it can be over hydrated.

Bearded dragons are not hydrated in the bath UNLESS THEY DRINK some bath water while in there , their skin is impervious to water (they do not absorb water via their skin) and they do not take up water via their vent either.
Long and short of it - only way a keeper can hydrate a bearded dragon is via it's mouth , either by coaxing it to drink, dripping water on it's snout , via it's nice live moist insects ( silkworms are good , so are crickets , roaches , and locusts who are gut loaded with carrot and fresh leafy greens) and of cause via the fresh salad greens and moist veg and fruit pieces.

If the dragon hates the bath , don't bath it UNLESS IT'S REALLY NECESSARY.

Bearded dragons come from arid glass-land , woodland and bush areas mostly where they may go their entire life with out ever seeing standing or running water because drought conditions are the norm.


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Since you’ve only had your baby for a week - it could be a tad freaked out over something new ... well, alot new is happening to him right now and if he has never had a soak, then it could be a shocker and weird and like whaaaaaaat!?! OR - he could literally hate it.

I definitely agree with kingofnobbys about the wrinkles and basing hydration on poop and urate. A good looking bathroom break is a thumbs up. And all beardie have some wrinkles - it give them room to puff up and pancake and all those other dragon-esque things. Plus it’s just natural ?

My girl happens to only drink in the sink during a soak - and it’s also generally the only place she will poop too. So it works for us. But every person/dragon combo is different. And, again, it’s only been a week he’s been with ya. So it’s all new. You will definitely figure out the best way to get him to drink orally. It just might take some time. BUT - yesssss nice squishy worms and/or juicy roaches are great for that! And if your lucky enough to be someone who has a very young dragon that likes to eat greens - spray those greens with water for even more hydration if you like. My girl didn’t eat a more than two pieces of greens until she was like a year and half ?

Keep an eye on those things for hydration ? ???
Have fun! ??
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