My beardie has been very restless lately...

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Wasn't sure if this should go in the health section, behavior section, or what, so I just put it here :)

Anyway, the video explains it the best, he's just very restless, almost like he's trying to escape, but then at the end he goes back over and starts basking (and gaping immediately). I've got a halogen lamp for heat (on a dimmer so I can get the right temp) then a regular fluorescent bulb for extra light and a 36" Reptisun 10.0 He's still trying to finish up a problematic shed. I've been giving him regular baths (including this morning, in which he pooped) and he's still eating ok (eats a lot of greens, not as many crickets as he used to). He's around 10 months old I believe...Any ideas?




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I know Sierra used to do it when she was younger but I never see her do it anymore.. and my temps have been regular and in good ranges :? Although, she is a queer little thing so it does not surprise me!


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Toni has been super hyper as well. She just came out of brumation last week, so I guess she has a lot of energy to burn off. She's been window dancing, climbing the walls, knocking over her cactus, throwing food everywhere...sound like yours? It's probably just spring fever and I know right now is also a good time for the hormones to really kick in. He sounds like he's healthy, so I wouldn't worry too much. It's pretty normal for this time of year.

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It's called Spring fever, it can drive you a bit crazy the way they want to be out of their vivs all the time. It's also breeding season and hormones are running high. We have five beardies, 3 males and 2 females; they're all restless at this time of the year. Our males (we have 3) are all blackbearding & glass dancing (that's what your beardie is doing). Sometimes it's the poop, alot of the time they want to mate, so they want out. Our females are both laying infertile eggs (we don't breed our beardies), so even though none of them can see each other, they still go through this restless period. They sure have their habits!


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Mufasa Does this every day just about. But he turns all creamy white when he does it so i Figured he enjoys doing it. He usually always has little small black dots on his tummy. but when he does the glass dancing it all goes away
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