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What can I do for my dragon he scratches the glass all day and naps like a cat!!?? I've had him for 6 days he was eating for a few days and then nothing. First time he has eaten that we can tell was last night. I put 2 crickets in and this morning they are gone now. For that we are glad. I take him out every day because I love him and want him to be extra comfortable with me holding normally. For the most part he loves that. I call him or her chilly but we are grooming him to be named Shinron!!! (Yes from DBZ) He will sit on my chest for hours and just chill. I really think he sees his own reflection on the glass and thinks it's another breadie, that makes me sad. One day he was waving at his own reflection and I felt so sad that maybe he feels alone. The pet store we got him from he had a roommate and now he doesn't. My husband wants to but a second one but I'm afraid the first one may not make it if I cant help him relax. I thought his lighting was bad, but I talked with a lizard lady I had meet while getting crickets. Ran down the whole story about him and she advised I get a thermostat and a humidity gauge. His humidity gauge instantly said over 50% I took his water bowl out. It now ready about the same. His heat is fine right at 100° and at night it's at 80°. But what I'm worried most about is the glass climbing that he does. Any help or advice what I should do to make it stop? I know he needs a back drop so we put a few things so it doesn't reflect much dont think that worked. I know this is stressing him out and may be keeping him from eating too!

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Hiccup he is 6 and Blaze is 4
Ok your dragon is going thru relocation stress --- so his eating is going to be off but he should not quit eating all together!! DO NOT leave crickets in the tank over nite --- they come out at nite and bite your dragon-- causing infection---- second do not get another dragon unless you have another tank and setups -- dragons are territorial and will fight if two males are together - or if male and female the male will constantly want to breed and stress the female out--- or if two females together one will become dominant and take over all the basking areas making the other one suffer ----- and get deathly sick----------- please go over your husbandry -- NO COIL UVB's they are not good -- temps need to be taken w/ a digital probe thermometer NO stick ons they are inaccurate --- your need basking temps to be 105-110 for a baby --- juvie / adult dragons 95-110-- NO sand substrate --- you need to be offering salads every morning along w/ a good staple feeder --- crickets or dubias roaches I recommend the roaches --- easier to keep they a last longer they dont chirp and they dont stink -- insects need to be dusted 5 x per week w/ calcium D3 and vitamins 2 x per week --- please post pics of the tank and lighting --- click on XIMG at the top of the message box then click on the pic and it should post
Here is a website for nutrition ignore the kale thing its a good staple feeder-- we need to go over the lighting in that tank -- its the most vital thing in there and is the one thing for a healthy dragon-- the scratching of the glass could be he wants out but I need to know what your using the lighting and basking temps --- we need to rule that out first


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I'm in total agreement with Karrie.

While babies are ok with siblings for a little while its never a good idea long term. As you noted your humidity is high and removing the water bowl will help. I would place that in for short times while you are there if your beardie actively drinks from it. If that is the case you could even offer it to them when out of the enclosure to prevent adding humidity.

The scratching at the glass is typical of relocation and should curb itself somewhat. If you are using a glass aquarium or terrarium one thing that worked well for me was to cover the sides and back with regular matte white printer paper. It seems to help cut down on reflections, as well as looking like a wall rather than a clear surface they wont understand as well.

Definitely post some pictures of your setup as that will allow us to provide you with the best advice.


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Thanks for your replies. Shen is doing better. He is eating well and I think his poop is also ok. Very active and eating almost all the 25 crickets I get a day. I feed when he seems frisky. Thanks again
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