My beardie ate half an Aleve


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My one year old beardie is not quite a pound yet. Tonight, about two hours ago, he pounced on and bit an Aleve pill, swallowing half of it before I could stop him.
All the vets were closed already. I used this forum and found out I could give him an eighth of a tsp of an activated charcoal suspension. I did. I also got cilantro, parsley etc. for a detox slurry. When can I give that to him? Should I keep him warm or cool? How many times should I dose him with activated charcoal?
So far he's acting normal.

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Sorry I missed this thread!
How is your boy?
As far as activated charcoal, you can give him 1-2 doses, daily with water.
I'm glad to hear you went ahead & made a detox slurry for him, that should really help to draw out
anything in his system. For now, keep him warmer overnight, as it will help his body's metabolism
so the detoxification effect can work more effectively. Anything can pass through him better if he
isn't as slown down.
Let us know how he is doing.


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