my bearded dragons gender??


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so! yesterday my lil satsat came home!! however: we have no idea what gender they are. in the pet shop when i walked past, they were waving at me a lot, which ive heard is more prominent in females (?). i dont have the heart to chase him around to pick him up, and theyre really skittish and dont co-operate well. theyre roughly 6-ish weeks old, maybe more or less. we asked the place where we got them from if they know their gender or age, but they weren't sure either. idk if u can tell from their behaviour apart from the waving, but theyre really calm unless i try to feed them crickets with my hands (i use plastic tongs now). they wont let me pick them up (which is 100% understandable considering their age n the fact that they arent familiar with me). anyway! this is the best photo of my beardies tummy i have as of rn, but i think theyre a girl (right?). off topic but u guys r so friendly n helpful omg

stay safe, hydrate, take care!!


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Hiccup he is 4 and Blaze is 3
Please go over the uvb your using coil in a dome or long tube fixture-- please no loose substrate babies lick and eat things they should not- and no colored bulbs -- he is too young to determine sex yet- more like closer to a year


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It looks like you have a red bulb, please take it out, it will cause eye damage. If you need heat at night please use a che (ceramic heat emitter).
As far as sex you will have to wait till she/he is a little bit older. I will post a pick of the easiest way to tell. Just remember to be careful with the light they can get hot enough to burn them if you leave it to long.
It can take the males a few months to develop hemipens so you won't know for sure till it's older.


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My female bearded dragon has recently started gasping for air all the time. She can’t get sleep or really do anything because she has such a difficult time breathing. I think it might be a RI but I’m not completely sure. Any thoughts?

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