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My Bearded Dragon keeps dry heaving/reaching

Hi, my poor girl was constipated and she finally got to go, but after she let it out, she won't stop dry reaching, well I think it's that. She's making a weird noise and her body contracts like she wants to throw up.... And she's really bloated after she pooped at well? Can someone help me, I don't know what's wrong with her, or I don't know what to do?


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Oh no, poor girl! Does it look anything like in this post?
In this case, it sounds like it might be an upper respiratory infection.

Other things to consider... What is her diet like? Which insects and veggies do you feed her? Meal worms especially can be challenging for some beardies. Has she had any water recently? Water aspirated into the lungs could potentially cause something similar...

What UVB are you using (tube style or coil) and what brand? What are the basking area temps?

@AHBD any ideas?


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I agree that she's more likely aspirated some water if she was being soaked or might be developing a respiratory infection. Here's a video of a beardie doing the " retching " or coughing . If it just started after a soak, she may just cough for a little while and then go back to normal.

Is she doing something similar to that dragon ? Anyway, keep her tank around 80 at night and don't take her out or soak her for a while, this may pass. If it continues for a few days you can have her checked by a vet for an R.I.


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Poor girl. Did you see her drink water during her bath, or not? Sometimes when they drink too much or dunk their heads, they will
aspirate water & have some trouble after that.
Definitely watch her closely so she doesn't develop any respiratory infection here while the weather is starting to cool down for the

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