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My bearded dragon had a small prolapse

Recently, my female adult bearded dragon, Aggie;
had a small prolapse. it wasn’t anything huge, just a tiny chunk. i was able to push it back in and then gave her a lukewarm bath and some food. I’ve been checking her everyday and am really worried. I was wondering if i should still take her to the vet even though the prolapse wasn’t big/an entire organ didn’t come out and is there anything else i should do?


BD.org Sicko
Hi there, just be sure that Aggie is well hydrated and don't feed her any hard pieces of food [ raw carrot, apple ] or large insects. Try to find freshly shed insects or smaller ones. You can offer her a little bit of baby food veggies as a laxative in case she has trouble pooing. She should be fine. :)
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