My Bearded Dragon Absolutely LOVES Pumpkin!


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So I’ve rotated 20 different types of veggies and greens for my bearded dragon. He is about 5-6 months old and foot long with tail.

While he picks at certain vegetables and greens he ABSOLUTELY LOVES pumpkin. He gets excited immediately and eats a bunch of it. More than anything else I put in his cage other than worms and crickets obviously.

I have read that you should be careful with pumpkin because of its excessive vitamin A and also the phosphate/calcium ratio is 2-1.

So because of that it says to feed it sparingly.

However I’m all for giving my bearded dragon “Oakley” things that he loves eating. So because of this I have been costing his pumpkin in calcium powder every time to offset the ratio and he loves it even more.

And because of the excessive vitamins in pumpkin I’ve been doing his multivitamin powder half the amount I was before to avoid too much vitamin A.

He’s been eating pumpkin 4 times a week for the last month and a half for 1 of his 2 daily meals along with other greens and crickets/worms (so never only pumpkin) and his poop looks healthy, his energy looks healthy and overall he seems to be doing amazing.


Do you think it’s okay to continue this if I don’t notice any issues?

Or do you think I’ll run into an issue down the road?

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I don't have any expertise in this area but I would think that 2-3 X a week mixed with other salad + veggies would be fine . Any more days than that you might just lessen the amount of pumpkin. It sounds like your dragon should never have a problem going to the bathroom !

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