My bearded died while being looked after at a reptile shop

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We went on holiday for a week and left our beardie in the capable hands of a reptile shop that take beardies in when you go away. She had been there before a few times. During the week we got a call that she had died suddenly during the morning, and was told 'it's a mystery'. We never had a necropsy done but I was wondering what could have possibly caused it? She was given food, the temperature was apparently correct etc. Is it possible for Bearded Dragons to miss their owners and pine for them/get depression which causes death? (sorry if that's a silly question). Or is it more likely an infection she picked up? I feel so sad I'll never see her again. She was 7 years old. :(

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I'm so sorry to hear this. :( What a sad shock for your family. It would not have been from pining away for you.....more likely she had a hidden illness and/or suffered a sudden heart attack or other quick but traumatic episode of illness.

All my sympathy to you.


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Thanks for the response, it has made me feel better. I guess it will just take time to grieve, she was such a special character!

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I am so sorry to hear of your girl passing away at the petshop while you were away. :cry: Wow, that is shocking. I doubt she would have died from pining away, but, they do miss their owners. She likely had an issue that you were not aware of. I hope nothing happened there though. The age of 7 is not really old ghough.
So sorry for your loss.



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Thanks Tracie. The guy looking after her at the shop did send me a long detailed email and it seemed they were also all in shock because she looked healthy and didn't suspect anything. He said everything looked fine - he checked on her at 9am when he gave her salad and then at 10:15 and she was still ok, but somewhere between then and 12pm she passed away. He checked she didn't choke on anything and that wasn't the case, so I guess it's a bit of a mystery. I miss her but I guess it'll just take time..


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I think it may have been stress from moving to one place to another! But with Bearded Dragons, they can hide anything without a warning they just pass. Lizarto was the same, she was healthy three years old dragon, more in the chubby side, she passed. and it could have been anything. I still miss her till this day.
I am sorry about your loss, it is going to be hard to replace her, but one you find yourself another dragon, the feeling of a loss dragon will still be in your heart. while you care for another one. :)
Don't worry, the feeling will always be there, but life goes on, and your beard dragon is looking down at you in heaven, and hanging out with other bearded dragons, playing, and eating all the bugs they want. (starts to tear up). :cry:


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Thanks so much for the kind words, it helps to know others understand how hard the loss is of a beardie :(
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