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I took Simi into the vet a week before his yearly check up because he wasn't eating, and he had started coughing or sneezing or gagging but he did vomit. His blood work shown his white cell count was high. We came home with antibiotics and have been syringe feeding him for 10 days now and today his bowel movement was mostly water and he vomited 3 times that we know of for sure. Right now he is in the hospital and we are worried...any thoughts or experiences?
He is the oldest of 3 frillies that we have and we have 2


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Okay so I see that nobody can shed any light on the subject I posted earlier. I just thought maybe someone may have a better idea for me since I have heard negative experiences with their babies going to the vets. I am not "bashing" vets but I have actually gained a lot of knowledge from those of you out there who seem to have more experience as far as lizards are concerned. Thanks anyway and we will just pray for our Simi as he comes home to us tomorrow.


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We brought Simi home from the hospital Monday. Tuesday he ate two hornworms and hasn't eaten anything since. The Dr. informed us of the blood test results and is concerned that the white cell count hasn't gone down since the first test. The vet says it could be his immune system is having a hard time fighting whatever is ailing him hence the broad spectrum antibiotic or it could be a form of cancer. The blood test did show that all his vital organs are okay. Has anybody confronted this or know of anyone confronted with this kind of issue??? We are desperately worried. :(

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