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Thanks beetle juice,
I will definitely increase the distance between the two cages and add vents to them as well. I’m guessing a vent on either side should do it. 8)

I understand that these bulbs get extremely hot and the ceramic mount on the wood is just a lot easier to combine into the electrical. Hopefully I can find one that can handle the bulb.

I know you have a 100w bulb and I know this is going to sound like a weird question but could you give me some measurements on that bulb. Like the diameter and height if you don’t mind. :roll:


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yeah i thought of that when i built my vivs. i have a space between the fixture and the wood. i used a couple small washers. i was afraid of it being directly on the wood. i would be interested in those measurements also! : )


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a vent on either side seem to do it for most people - i had to add vents to the back of my viv as well - but i think im the excetion not the rule :)

the dimensions of the bulb are 14cm (5.5 inches) long and 12cm (4.7 inches) in diameter - not exactly to the millimeter measurements but pretty close :)


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forgot to mention - that is a MegaRay 100w bulb - so the t-rex bulb will be the same dimensions - but as for the powersun and the exo-terra effort i have no idea - they look very different


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Has anyone ever told you that your the best juice? :p

Thanks a lot ill post another draw up when I sketch the crap out if it. And I will not build until I have the approval of the message board :lol:


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Ok so... I was hard at work on Google sketch up.
I designed something a little more realistic.
The wood is all 3/4" thick
The distance from the MVB bulb is exactly 15" to accommodate for the dragons back
And the size of the blub is exact thanks to beetle juice.

Here’s just an overview, the man is there to show relative size. He’s 6 foot tall just like me :)

The next pic shows the single viv and all of the things inside…

And last but definitely not least all the vents…

A lot is going to change, especially the inside, mostly because I can never keep my mind made up. What do you guys think?
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