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My baby bearded is picky as can be and will only eat small phoenix worms, will not chase crickets no matter what I do and only eats the greens if I hand feed them. She only likes her bath if its in the big tub not some container or sink and gets mad if i mess with her cage at all. Her basking temp can not be over 105 or under 104 or she wont go near it either. She was 5.5in when I got her 2 weeks ago and last night after she finally passed out wrapped in a burrito i measureed her again. She is now 6.25in and her tail is shedding again!! After all this worry with her I have to be doing something right for her to grown 3/4 of an inch in 2 weeks lol. Now if she would just stop making me go crazy over her pickyness. Her name is Persnickety meaning excessive precision and attention to trivial details.

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Oh...but they do love to make us crazy! Just think of all the years of craziness awaiting you! :roll: :lol:

You gotta love 'em!!!


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Sounds to me like she is turning you into her very own personally Beardie slave :) But that's not a bad thing at all :)


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That's great that she's grown so much! Brutus would shed once or twice every month. They sure do grow fast! Persnickety is a great name! Seems to fit her perfectly! hehe.
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