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I need some folks to show off some pics of their rooms with multiple enclosures or rack setup. I will be adding a rescue tomorrow hopefully and I'm in need of some ideas


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Please note this is not my Rankins setup. This is a rack for my Gila monsters and they don't need UV lighting. They live 90% of their lives in small burrows, so they don't need much room. The bins are actually much larger than they appear, they are 3' long. I bought the rack at home depot and extended it 16" further by bolting ventilated shelves to it. I supported it further by hanging a chain from the ceiling. All the bins are heated with heat tape that is sitting on concrete board underneath them and controlled by thermostats on the left side of the rack. When I took the picture not all the bins were full...they are now though.
[ximg]85426 8534504478[/ximg]

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Plywood and 2x4s can make decent stands/tables (what I use for the two PVC on the side).

Also, don't forget to quarentteen the rescue from your other dragon(s)
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