Mu dragon ate something...


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Hello my dragon ate something outside a plant and appears to be oak tree catkins or another catkins I'm concerned. Does anyone know it it is toxic??
Beardie name(s)
I just searched up what oak tree catkins are and I think your beardie is good to go. Doesn't seem to be toxic to beardies or anything serious. Not an expert like the others here and I don't mean to sound like it- but just keep an eye on your beardie and make sure his (idk the gender of your beardie so I'll just go with he) behaviors are normal and that's he's pooping and eating fine :) I'm pretty sure that his poop will look a little weird after eating that but just keep an eye out for the other ones that come after. I'm glad he only ate one! Keep us posted. I'm sure the other experts will respond in no time and give you a clearer answer than mine.

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I should be safe. They are super fast & can eat something that
they shouldn't so quickly that you can't stop them. If he's still doing good, I
think he will be perfectly fine.


Drache613 Sicko
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He looks very handsome & colorful in those pictures! I'm glad to see him
doing so well.


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