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Mouth rot in female dragon


New member
I need help. The only herp vet within a 100 mile radius cannot see my Bella until the end of May. She has mouth rot and will not eat because it hurts. I saw all kinds of recommendations on YouTube and they all were different.
If it is up to me to save Bella's life, what antibiotic should I give and what else can I do to help her? I 'm fine with giving injections as my daughter has been on Lovenox for years.
I am not new to Beardies, as we have had them over a decade, but we are new to mouth rot. I love this girl so much and I don't want to lose her. She is so awesome.

Thank you. Rebecca


BD.org Sicko
Hi Rebecca, when did you notice the mouth rot and when did she stop eating ? Can you post some pics of her mouth ? Here's how :

https://www.beardeddragon.org/useruploads/ Then use the XIMG to upload them

You can use a diluted betadine solution and if there is gunk on her teeth try to scrape it off using a small sharpened popsicle stick.


New member
Original Poster
Her bottom jaw changed color and turned brownish and slightly goopy. She ate hornworms for a while, but now it hurts too much. I am just giving her REPTiBOOST with a dropper now.
I have to get up at 4 am tomorrow, but I wlll try to get some pics when I get home. I am a high school teacher.
I can't lose this girl. She is my emotional support animal, counselor, cuddler, and everything sweet.
I adore her.


BD.org Sicko
Staff member

We are looking forward to seeing pictures of your girl!
You can also try using a soft toothbrush to help brush the teeth & gums, gently to help with
built up plaque. You could use a diluted betadine solution or a diluted listerine solution, also.

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