Mouth issue again!

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Ok back in the begining of summer Draco started getting a crust in the corners of his mouth. The Dr. did a swab and found it was a bacteria that came off some contaminated crickets. I can't remember what the name is. But he said it is very hard to get rid of. He gave me some blue medicine I mix with water and clean his mouth with then I used tobramycin drops. It took about three months for it to go away. Well It's back and I have been using the same solution for a month now. It didn't seem to be working, looks like it has gotten worse and I called the vet and he had me pick up gentamicin drops. He said they are stronger and make sure he is drinking because if he isn't it could damage the kidneys! :( I started using them thursday. He still isn't moving around very much and now won't even look at a hisser or cricket or veggies. He just layes there. I keep bathing him so he drinks and I know he's drinking. I noticed his belly isn't as plump as it used to be though his legs and tail are still fat. His temps are 85 in cool and 100 in basking. He is in a 75 gal tank. The bulbs are the sun glo brand. He is about 2 yrs old. He also will sometimes start shaking his head left to right. I'm gonna call the Dr. tomarrow but was wondering if anyone had any issues like this and could share what they have done. I'm going nuts.
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