Mountain Horned Dragon May be Gravid. Beginner With Eggs.

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It's not bearded dragons but I thought I should ask anyway. Apologies if it's in the wrong section.
I have two mountain horned dragons, one male and one female.
I believe the female may be gravid since she is looking pretty round at the moment.
I've never hatched lizards before, but would like to try.
What do I need to incubate the eggs?
I had read that styrofoam/polystyrene boxes are good. I was given one by the aquatic shop but my parents said it was too big and I had to throw it away.
They said would a cooler be any good?
What size of a polystyrene/styrofoam box would you recommend?

What do I need to do? I know that once I set them up in damp vermiculite I should not turn them like chicken eggs.
What Kind of container is best to place the vermiculite and eggs into and how many per container?
Any help is appreciated.

AHBD Sicko
Hi there, this is how I set up my beardie eggs . They're in a plastic shoe box with large holes drilled in the lid. I use vermiculite or sand/vermiculite mix.

Do you know what temps. to use ? I know the M.H. dragons come from a cooler tropical place so I would think it's a lower incubation temp. Maybe in the 70's.
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