Mother I Must RUN (Post-Brumation Zoomies)

So Micah finally shook off his first brumation cobwebs about two weeks ago and has decided that it is time for adventure.

Let me start by saying I am not a morning person.

Micah, apparently, is. Or, well. A morning dragon, I guess.

Without fail sometime between 8AM and 10AM, I am awoken to the furious scrabbling* of my lizard bonking his nose against the glass doors of his vivarium demanding freedom from his unjust imprisonment in his teeny-tiny, meager 4'x2'x2' enclosure. Each morning, I stumble out of bed to open his doors and unleash him upon the diverse landscape of my bedroom (his enclosure is on the ground and he is free to roam and enter/exit his viv as he pleases). Then, for the next few hours, I swim in a half-asleep purgatory listening to the dulcet sounds of my wonderfully dumb bearded dragon scampering back and forth across my room between his three favorite locations: his enclosure (especially right outside of it on the wrong side of the glass, bonking dramatically against it until by pure chance he moves two inches to his right and finds the 20 inch gap that is the open entrance to his enclosure), the window, and my beanbag. I have on numerous occasions awoken at noon like the sleep deprived grad student that I am to find Micah perched at the top of my beanbag, head held high as if he has just conquered the world, only for my disgruntled shuffling to spook him and incite the most poignant glare I have ever witnessed from any creature, much less a lizard with a peanut for a brain.

The worst part is any fun I poke at Micah's intelligence doubly says something about me because he has trained me to let him out on his schedule. I physically can't sleep through his bonks. I'm working on a thesis, and my lizard has trained me to come when called. I think we all know who the smart one in the house is.

Anyway, by the time I partake in the beanbag myself, Micah has typically run off his energy and gone to bask. Though occasionally he gets an extra dose of afternoon zoomies and proceeds to repeat this process minus the bonking (as his cage is already open) with the added bonus of climbing all over me as well as the beanbag. Adorable. Not at all conductive to getting work done.

10/10 animal companion would recommend.

*Disclaimer: Micah isn't glass surfing, just tapping his nose against the glass and trying to figure out if the doors are open or not.


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Some will tell you dragons are low intelligence.
To that i say those people are idoits!

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They certainly do get a ton of energy after brumation. It's good that you're able to let him out to run around and burn off some energy. The space we provide seems never big enough for them when they are going through this phase :ROFLMAO:


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Mines used to do this until I upgraded his tank. Funny thing is it has a sliding doors so on the rare occasions that I sleep late he somehow works it until it slide open and goes to the window. Most of the time he will wait in his bed or fav branch til I come get him. But now he’s trained when his lights come on at 830 I get him and put in the bed with me and he will go back to sleep. I make sure there is enough space between me and him in case I roll over. But I’m so aware that he’s there that now if I get ready to move I look for him 1st.

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