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Dezzy is 5yo 18" F, Percy is 8yo 19" M
I know breeding leatherbacks and silkies can cause health issues for them, however I was curious about whether or not breeding things like zero, witblits, and weros can cause issues for them?

I was also wondering if weros always have black eyes or if the ones Ive seen were simply translucent as well.

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Hi there, leatherbacks really have no problems associated with their morph, silkies do because of their skin . I owned a silkie years ago and he was happy + active as all my other dragons. Trans. dragons started off with a lot of problems and can still be shaky if not bred with attention to bloodlines and not trans X trans. Witblits started out very unhealthy not too many years ago but they seem reasonably stable now. I would be interested in seeing how old the oldest ones are in the population around the world but especially in the U.S.


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Dezzy is 5yo 18" F, Percy is 8yo 19" M
I'm interested in the zero, witblits, and wero coloring although Im not a fan of the completely black eyes that trans have and I'm not sure if Weros have black eyes from the zero x witblits cross or if the weros Ive seen are also trans?


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Dezzy is 5yo 18" F, Percy is 8yo 19" M
If anyone comes across this and owns a zero, wero, or witblits, id certainly appreciate pictures. Its hard to find any on the internet, i keep coming across the same 4-5 pictures.

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Have you checked morph market ? There might be babies popping up in the spring if not now. Don't go for very small ones though and always ask for pics of the parents.

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Moro is a witblits

Zero's are all over instagram. Hypo zeros, trans zeros, hypo trans zeros, zeros.
Wero's are a bit more rare, but I see them pop up every once and while for sale from phantomdragons.



This is my het trans hypo zero.


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