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I was really worried about him last night. He swallowed something he shouldn't have and I was super worried it would of hurt or even killed him. I didn't sleep a wink and checked on him all night. When he wakes up before me, he does a dragon sploot and keeps his head lifted. I was relieved to see him still alive this morning so naturally, I snatched his little lizard self out of his tank to cuddle. Normally he'd crawl into my hood but I wasn't wearing a hoodie, just a t shirt so I put him on my chest and first he had his head lifted, chin resting flat against mine. Then he felt the warm air from my mouth and decided it was warmer and wiggled up to sit against my mouth and refused to move. Claws kinda hurt.😅

**disregard how messed up I look. I literally woke up 10 minutes ago.😂😂


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That is precious, when he's grown it's gonna make it hard to watch tv lol. (Experience talking 🤣)


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That is precious, when he's grown it's gonna make it hard to watch tv lol. (Experience talking 🤣)
Last night, I stuck him on my boyfriends chest while I went to the vathroom, and he scrambled up into his beard and you could barely see his leg and tail. He had never felt him wiggle against him before and he said it's the weirdest feeling ever.😂


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