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I'm sorry to keep being such a pest lol, i just don't want to jump into this unprepared or uneducated.
My first question is, is there a good software for tracking stuff like pairings, offspring, genetics ect.
Second question, how many pairs should i have, to keep bloodlines from being imbread.
Third, how many generations out is it safe to mix a bloodline again (not that i want or intend to) I've heard some people talk about doing that, but I'm skeptical it should be done.
This post arose because i decided to set down and make a hypothetical graph of 2 males and 3 females just to try get my head around pairings and combinations, i quickly realized it would get pretty complicated pretty fast lol.
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I’m personally not a breeder- but I think that using excel to track pairings and genetics might be useful, it’s easy to make different spreadsheets for different clutches and such.

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