More protein for Dubia?

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Buckmaster299":3bau4vq6 said:
question: How popular do ya'll think pinnapple powder would be with the roaches and would it serve a purpose???

Pineapple powder should work just fine. has a pineapple juice powder addition option to their gut load chow too!


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jharveyjr54":3507alk7 said:
Isn't pineapple kinda like a citrus, full of the same vitamins and minerals and stuff and plenty sweet? Citrus is supposed to make them breed better. Its worth a shot.
I put orange slices in sometimes, good source of water too and I hear it helps with breeding


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Yep, just don't let the orange slices stay in too long, I used to let them sit 48 hours, but now I'm thinking that may even be too long. They'll grow mold, and mold is deadly to roaches. Roaches, that will supposedly survive a nuclear holocaust..... :banghead:
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