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months long brumation??


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In February i rescued a beardie, unknown morph, 2-3 years old. He came in malnourished and after a while was a normal weight. Everything was great for around 2 months, he ate regularly and seemed overall healthy.
After that i started noticing signs of brumation, he slept more, basked less, ate less and generally seemed more lethargic. I contacted his old owner and they said that he usually started brumating around may, so he was a little early. Brumation went normal, no major weight loss and i still occasionally bathed him because he had some stuck shed, i noticed around a month ago he started to come out of brumation, he was more active and ate and pooped once or twice.
He had just started basking again when his heat lamp went out, i asked my dad to get a lamp ASAP and he ordered one off amazon (i'm a minor + busy with school, i cant buy stuff myself) There was a problem shipping and it was delayed for like 6 days, its fall where i live so his tank got down to 75, i tried keeping heat in with his uvb bulb but it didn't help much.
Hes now not moving from under his hammock and looks grey, lethargic and just overall sick. Could he have somehow gone back into brumation??? Could it have been some undigested food? Hes my first bearded dragon so i don't really know how to handle this well. We don't have an exotic animal vet around here and i'm worried that something might be wrong.


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You can use a white incandescent household bulb NO LEDS NO coils a regular house hold bulb try a 100 watt at first but you MUST HAVE a digital probe thermometer 95-100 --- what kind of UVB are you using this stuff I am asking about and recommending is imperative to the dragons health --- please get him outside for some good UVB - place him on you sit in the direct sun for 15 minutes or so - but we must go over the lighting and temps in the tank ---- dragons should not brumate for 3 months or longer and May is really early for brumating -- usually its fall they start to slow down -- if hes not eating something is off in that tank and it all has to do w/ UVB and basking temps--- NO colored bulbs No heat mats or rocks and NO sand please
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