Mexican Beaded Lizards

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Picked up a trio of H.horridum horridum 1:2 last week for a VERY amazing price. They all are about 1'6" they are eating thawed mice from tongs. I would not want to get bitten. I
It is suprising to see a whole mouse fitting down their throats.
I am trying to find a discussion forum for these amazing animals. Im not having much luck.....anyone have suggestions?


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Almost got tagged by one today. All of them are growing so fast they are shedding and very grouchy. I reached down to grab a water bowl and got a beaded hangin off my sweatshirt. I got a very good reminder to never take short cuts. Gloves will always be on when dealing with them.
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Building a custom enclosure from an entertainment center. Can't wait to see how it ends up! Custom Build
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