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Meet Sylvie. My new... Please identify.


New member
I have recently become the proud owner of what i believe to be a baby bearded dragon or possibly a juvinile rankin dragon.
Any assistance in identifying her would be a great help. I want to know her species, age and morph if applicable in order to care for the best way possible. Im a first time reptile owner so help is appreciated.

She is just over 7" long and 19 grams.
The previous owner got her on june 2nd and she was apparently 2" - 3" at the time.



BD.org Addict
She is a normal central bearded dragon. No way to know age for sure but I would guess a couple months.


BD.org Sicko
Proper basking temps of 105-110 taken w/ a digital probe thermometer w/ a bright white basking bulb and NO coils for a UVB ---- long tube fixture w/ proper placement and distance ---- if you need more help or need more help please ask
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