Meet our new resident wild "house" skink.

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Only had Jr on a regular daily basis for a few weeks ,with visits from Cheakie and Tails 2 to 3 times a week.

Wet cold weather here again, and the gang of 4 water skinks have all come back inside .... had all 4 of them hanging out with me , in the lounge room , kitchen and dining area.

The kitchen's gecko was discovered in the sink (yesterday ) and my wife dropped a tea-towel over it then popped it into a tub , very fat and well fed looking , but definitely didn't want to be a kept gecko , had the lid loose on top while I was getting some smaller bsfl lavae for it and it pushed the lid up enough to climb out and promptly leapt out disappeared under the lounge. Has grown a bit ,now about 100mm NTT.
Didn't take it long to get back to the kitchen where I heard it churping a few hours later ,and spent most the night on the window glass ( could see moths on the other side (outside) attracted by the kitchen light ) , but when I went over to get a photo of it , it disappeared ( saw me coming ). Little gecko can move quick !!

The outside skinks are only showing up when it's warm and sunny now.

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Geckos inside are still active , hanging about and churping at us.

The resident wild skinks outside seem to have gone into brumation , not seen any of them out and about hanging about inside since last week .
Gonna miss my little buddies over the next several weeks..

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Cheakie showed up inside yesterday .... warm and sunny today . She wasn't impressed about my emptying the feed dish and taking it away. It's back now.

Usually my resident wild skinks and gecko and dragons who are outside ( in garden , shed , and under the house make themselves scarce from about start of May til about mid August ( with some occasional basking on warmer sunny days in July ).
The "inside" wild geckos and skinks stay awake and regularly come out to parttake of the warm aircon and maybe get a snack every week or two over winter.
My pet dragons and skinks don't really go down the count .... though this year Caesar is a bit sleepy and both BTs are sleepy all are basking a bit each day.

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Nice surprise this morning , Miss Tails ( the adult water skink ) showed up on the lounge at brekky.

She's been hanging out on top the lounge near the front window directly under the aircon .
Suspected one of the "house skinks" was inside for the last week or so as I've been hearing movements behind lounge )
(Smart skink knows it's warm and safe inside )

Nasty wintery weather outside too so aircon has been on heat mode 24/7 last few weeks becauses it's been horrible , wet , rainy and cool outside .
Now another Tasman low - , been bucketing down all night - yep another Tasman Low / Rain Bomb - another major flood emergency unfolding in SE Qld near Brisbane , and around Napien - Hawksbury - Paramatta River (W, NW and N Sydney.

She was hungry too - polished off 6 mealworms .

Looks like she's not interested in going anywhere , been hanging out with me for 3 hrs so far. :)
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