Meet our new resident wild "house" skink.

kingofnobbys Sicko
Been hearing bumps and other tell tale sounds coming from the gap behind the lounge and from in the dining area for a few weeks , was blaming these on the resident G.Dudia "house" geckos who've colonised the house ( bedrooms, study , kitchen , yet they are vocal little geckos, often churp at us when we disturb their sleep during the day , and overnight we often , churp , churp-churp-churp , males aren't as chatty ) , til I spotted the cheaky little juvenile water skink trotting across the lino this afternoon.

Here it is, about 6mth - 9mths old I think ( about the same Cheakie was when he started visiting inside , and same size Lucky was when I rescued him , maybe 10" TTS and 8g - 12g.

Now I know the little skink is in residence I'm put a plastic lid water dish down for it , and will be leaving a few deheaded mealworms on a rnd tub lid to help encourage it to stay. I'm expecting the geckos will disappear the worms o/night when they discover the new feeding station and wont mind the water for drinking and bathing either.

I also know who Caesar has been obsessing over when having floor fun time, Cleo too. The BTS don't care ( tend to ignore smaller skinks - too old to be bothered now ).
Cleo even armwaved at it this afternoon, alternative arm wave mode , got a kurt couple of head flicks in response.

I now know for sure where the rogue crickets have been going , geckos at night , juvie water skink during day.

CooperDragon Sicko
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Do you have a name for the new little buddy yet? I hope he decides to stay at your sanctuary and join the clan.

kingofnobbys Sicko
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No name for it yet.

Seen and heard it each day , even tried to climb onto my wife's head from the headrest of the lounge when she sitting still and very quiet yesterday and reading a book. Scurried away quick when she suddenly turned her head to see it.

Heard it a few time behind me too , dropping to the floor after I shifted my position , presume it was on the headrest behind me when I was watching ABC 24h NEWS Channel to see latest updates and announcements.

Been rainy and cold ( 23 degC ) today , so had the a/con on heat mode , and this is why it's been on the top of the headrest - chasing the warmed air.

kingofnobbys Sicko
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North eastern suburbs of Lake Macquarie ( Newcastle , NSW ).
Have a colony of wild eastern water skinks living under the house, in the shed and the new garden beds and retaining wall.
And a colony of rainbow skinks and of delicate brown ( weazle ) skinks too.
Plus some grass skinks and a resident eastern blue tongue skink lives behind my garage + carport + 6m x 1.5m garden bed.
Plus regular visits from an adult male eastern water dragon.
All are pretty tame since I've been giving them goodies since I retired and had the time in the day to notice them and befriend them (treats = mealworms, dead crickets, left over dragon/bts veg+pellet mixes & an occasion egg (raw in shell for the BTS)) and they are never chased. Most are tame enough now to take food treats from the fingers and some even come when called.
If I sit in the front steps, or the front lawn or back path or driveway , and open a small tub , I often get mugged by the skinks who come from all directions and want their freebies.

Local kids call me "the lizard whisperer".

Also have a colony of velvet geckos in my big gum tree , and a colony of g.dubia geckos under and inside my house.

PS : discovered we have two juvenile eastern water skinks in residence , just saw both peaking out from under the Engal Car Fridge/Freezer ( our "bar fridge" ) .


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I'm jealous!!! I love the idea of befriending neighborhood wildlife. All we have here are squirrels and rabbits.

So if you have all of this wildlife in your garden, do you also have a lot of snake activity?

kingofnobbys Sicko
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CooperDragon":2w9c50rx said:
Hanging out under the bar fridge eh? I think that lends them the names Norm (Peterson) and Cliff (Clavin). :lol:

It's a great spot for them to hang out .

It's a great little fridge freezer too, perfect size for one person to lift and carry when camping , pretty heavy when full of drinks and food,
The Engal Car Fridge Freezer is one the best investments I ever made ( bought it when working at Pt Hedland in 2000 ) and was great to never need to find somewhere to get bags of ice to keep the drinks and food cold and fresh , is same size as a big esky , but never needs ice , runs on 12VDC or Mains , wanted the 3 Way ( gas , 12VDC or mains but wasn't one in stock at the local KMart),as it can make a 10L plastic water carrier into a iceblock itself ( as I discovered very quickly when I had the thermostat set too cold ).

Fit's nice under the brekky nook.

The skinks and geckos all seem to like hanging out under it or behind it.

kingofnobbys Sicko
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saraho":1bp8ziyb said:
I'm jealous!!! I love the idea of befriending neighborhood wildlife. All we have here are squirrels and rabbits.

So if you have all of this wildlife in your garden, do you also have a lot of snake activity?

Not in my backyard ( I've never seen one in 40 years we've been living here ) , but the people across the street back into the remnant bush and a creek , and they regularly get brown snakes and black snakes.

Guy a few houses away has pidgeons ( racing type ) and he's had problems with snakes entering his coop ( pythons mostly ) , so they are around and if there is an easy food source ….

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Little juvy water skink has found the way back outside, hangs out on and near the front patio most days ( gets the lions share of the freshly dead crickets there ).

Cheakie is a dad , he's been busy setting up a harem and we now a gaggle of baby water skinks hanging about under the back of house who seem to really like the sleeper retaining wall. ( At least 8 individuals have been seen in the last few weeks , judging from their individual neck spots ).

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31 Jan 2021
Cheakie & Goofy today , both enjoying the first sunny afternoon for over a week ( been very wet here - monsoon (wet season) has hit hard this summer and very moist monsoon influences have been reaching my region = none-stop rain and evening thunderstorms).

Cheakie , looking very well fed ( or in the family way maybe ). Yes I've checked the side spots = DEFINITELY CHEAKIE.


Meet Goofy. About 8 months old I think not yet developing "his" adult head and body shape. Yep like bearded dragons , baby water skinks are also super cute and goofy looking. Their tail is lighter for their first 4 - 5 months, darkens up about at about 6 months.

My wife discovered the little juvenile ( who we had inside a few weeks ago ) in the old 129L skinks' tub which is stored under the back of the house and had received a bit of rain into it , too big to have crawled in through one the lower air ventilation holes ( head width 8.4mm ) , likely climbed in via one of the brick floor piers , and accessed the tub from there for the water ( was able to climb out as the box full of old Repcal Adult Pellets ( what I store hatched silkworm cocoon in is stored in the tub )
Wife reports the little skink was very friendly and literally climbed straight onto her hand when she reached in to get "him" out.


I assume you're in Australia? NSW - New South Wales?

I don't know a lot about Australia, but are you concerned that some of the more venomous snakes may come in for a meal? Like the taipan? As I said I don't know much of anything about your country, so please forgive my ignorance.

From what I've read about it, the taipan is pretty much found in the area of Australia that you're in. Or would it be more north in Queensland?

I had to use a google map to even know the political layout of the states (provinces?) of Australia. And from what I read online the inland taipan is predominantly in the eastern central region of Australia.

Like I said, I know almost nothing of the nation. I would love to visit sometime. Definitely to see Uluru, but it will most likely never happen.

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