Meet Ollie!

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Hello everyone, I'm pretty new to this and I just got my baby a couple weeks ago so I thought I would introduce him. He's a 6ish month old citrus dragon and he's still pretty nervous about his new home but we are warming up to each other and he loves to explore my room. Thanks to everyone on here that has helped us so far!


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Oh my gosh, he’s cute! I love the little lines radiating from his eyes, like the rays of the sun or big false eyelashes. Did you figure out if Ollie is an Oliver or an Olivia?

My Charlie came to me as a girl but I’ve since figured out he’s a boy. My daughter calls him Charles.


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I’m still not quite sure. I looked but couldn’t really tell. I guess I’ll find out eventually! He’s gonna grow fast I can tell, he/she eats like a little monster!


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I wasn't 100% until I found out about femoral ducts. Charlie's are prominent so I know he's a boy. Otherwise, I'm too much of a noob to know anything.

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your Ollie is adorable (but they all are) Our girls like to look out the window where their tanks are. They even like sitting in the window looking out that window.
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