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I didn't know where to put this so please move if im in the wrong place.
Ok so I work at at a grocery store and last night we got in a fruit shipment from Mexico.. Well one of the overnight stickers found a little green iguana inside! I'm close with my manager and he took the lizard home and gave it to me this morning. He is so cool! I love him already. He is extremely sweet considering he was wild. Here are some pictures and I plan to keep this thread up to date with new pics every few days.





Hope you all enjoy!

I accidentally put a picture twice.


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wow, he is so beautiful! I can't believe he was in a shipment, what a silly iguana. Good luck with him :)


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Thanks! He sure is a spunky little thing. He was probably freaked. Went from eating fruit in some mexican tree on a farm, to a store, to a house, to my house in a big cage full of plants and unlimited food! What a life. haha

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Congrats Jarett on your new baby! Poor little guy must've been so scared being transported from the comforts of home to an alien world -- but he sure looked like he settled in with you rather well. Loved the snuggle pic :p


i can just imagine the iguana before getting shipped... im gonna eat some bananas then get stuck in an unlimited food box then go to a farm for a day then go to someones grocery store and then get caught eating in the box then find a nice home and live the rest of this life of mine and maybe raise a family. see mom. its all planned out


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haha thats it exactly! Except, Juanito will not be raising a family. There are enough baby igs in the world without homes!


i agree. often they are inbred and they are born with stunted bodies and limbs. then people cannot feed and care for them and they die
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