Medicine Addict? Lol

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Hi, I was just curious to know if any else's beardie genuinely loves taking their medicine like mine does, she keeps trying to eat the syringe lol

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I have had skinks and dragons who loved the taste of their liquid calcium ( literally licked it off my fingers after they got their daily oral dose ) . The stuff was CalciVet. And I tasted my fingers once after preparing a dose , it was quite sweet tasting - no wonder they liked it.

Of cause I've also used 1:1 manuka honey in water sometimes too , and that goes over a treat too.

Might be the medicine if it's liquid is mixed with a sweetening agent to make it more palatable. Same way medicines formulated for children often are ( we all know how hard it is to get a child even let something that tastes nasty past their lips LOL …. it isn't going to happen no matter how much you coax or even try to force those lips apart ) , lizards can be the same .

I had a rescued skink who hated the antibiotic oral medicine , he would refuse to let the plastic cannular tube on the end of the syringe near his mouth and made it as hard as possible to get positioned right ( tough love was needed , I had to wrap my hand and fingers around him and immobilize his legs and tail and that just left his head able to move in a very limited way ) , I'd guide the plastic tube past his lips in the back corner of his mouth to have the end just on his tongue , and my wife had to operate the syringe plunger .
Temper tantrum for about 2 minutes afterwards ( under my two cupped hands on my chest ) , then I'd offer him a mealworm or two and that would calm him down .
He was a smart little bugger, somehow he always knew the deal when it came to dose time ( even if I prepared the dose in another room and kept the dose regard syringe out of sight til the last moment ).
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