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I just got a bearded dragon yesterday and its a baby from petsmart and wont eat crickets just meal worms. how do i get it to eat crickets

Claudiusx Sicko
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Stop feeding mealworms and eventually it will get hungry enough for crickets.

Also making sure your husbandry is perfect will help. Proper lighting and temperatures play a huge role in appetite.



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Instead of meal worms, maybe try baby super worms. They are roughly the same size and much better for them.


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Thanks that's a great idea i have started breeding super worms,Calci-Worms,crickets,meal worms. and i got her to eat crickets and lettuce.Thanks for the help. :D



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Just to let you know, lettuce isn't good for them. It has poor nutrition in it. And, it shouldn't be used as a staple. Good veggies to feed him are collard greens like mustard greens or dandelion greens. Kale is good too. :D


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Thanks but i know lettuce is not good for them but i meant washed celery leaves and she loves corn. i got her to eat crickets by the way.Thanks.



rluper":3i2w7w7z said:
It can be for juvenile beardies as food and adult beardies for treats.


OK thanks! I think I keep seeing mixed reviews on the superworm topic.
Can adults eat meal worms as a staple protein?
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