Male and female bearded dragons in same room

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I just recently took in a 5yr old male dragon from an owner who could no longer provide adequate care. I already have a 2- 3yr old female. I have them both setup in tanks on stands out in my living room. The past few days they Bob heads and wave at each other and go nuts.

My question is should I move one out or stack the tanks on a rack? I doubt it's good for them to see each other constantly. Due to size of living room I cannot have them side by side with a blocked view. Not enough space.

Fyi my girl is in a 75 gallon and the new boy is in a 40b. I do have a spare 40b if needed for any suggested setup



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Different rooms would be a good choice but stacking would be my last resort.

To stack them you could build a unit that would house both viv nicely. A 40gal breeder is 36" and the 75gal is 48" , this difference in length would make a nice space for a cabinet door to store your beardie goods...vitamins, calcium, spare bulbs and so on!

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stack the tanks is best option.

I have 2 girls (Rex 4yr old , Peppa 15months old) and 1 boy Toothless (15months old) in same room , they all know the other beardies are there but it works fine with stacked tubs and a tank.


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However you do it, as long as they don't see each other is best. I would suggest that you set it up in a way that you will still be able to pay attention to both sets of dragons as they get depressed if you don't pay attention to them. I had a friend who had their dragons in separate rooms and one was in a room rarely used so didn't get as much attention. So, stacking them might be the best idea. :)
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