lump on right front leg?


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hello again everyone, I did not post this on ER because I wanted to make sure this is completely urgent since it does not seem to bother him at all, Chester my soon to be 2-year-old bd seems to have a very hard (like bone) lump on his right front leg, there is no swelling at all. no trouble walking in fact he's a great sprinter:LOL: he eats a massive salad every morning like a champ and has no changes of appetite eats a mix of super worms Dubai roaches and sometimes crickets 3-4 of them every other day multivitamin supplement once a week calcium no d3 2-3 times a week and bee pollen powder every day, I have probiotics I throw in once in a while. he has 100 wats UVA basking spot that reaches about 90-100 deg and 30" Uvb arcadia 12% T5 with reflector he lives in a bioactive 120 gallon. if you look back on my posts he jumped off a tall balcony about 7 months ago, which I carefully attended to him making sure everything was fine, so I believe it has formed sometime after that it is hard as a bone! I can't move it at all and I think it's attached to the leg bone, I'm thinking that it might have been fractured when he fell and it calcified? please give me any advice needed, I'm traveling for spring break for a week so someone will be taking care of him, please respond with answers ❤️ I will post pictures in the morning

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It sounds like the jump/fall is a likely cause but there's no way to tell except possibly by x-ray to determine the condition of his leg. You can opt to have it x-rayed to be sure .


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alright will do ill schedule a vet appointment when I can to get x rays, that's what I thought because if it was a break I would have noticed when it happened at first tho I got scared and thought it was a tumor but I doubt it. I will keep you guys updated on this, Thank you!

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