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It's that glorious time where males love to 'look' for a female. I had him to get some free roam with almost all the hiding places covered. He looked around, climbed over an assortment of shoes, hung out on his stuffed toy turtle, and also tried to get under the scale by digging. I offered him my socks- that I wore. He went after my green shoes. (Who knew he liked green?) Went to my slippers, offered a paper towel that was rolled. I even offered the heating pad mat. LOL. No go. I made a sock of mine full of cotton balls and a thing to bite at the end. Don't know if he'll accept a sock friend as a mate or not.

Has not poo'd yet.


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Much less likely to go in the tank too.
He just fell back to sleep today around 3 PM. He looked so pitiful that I took him out and he cuddled up and fell asleep. He may be back in brumation.

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