Lost my colony

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Were you feeding any dry chow? If you only feed them veg and water gel, their frass is very moist. I would suggest feeding more chow for a bit and see if that helps. Do you have a ventilation screen? Sorry if you already answered this.


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i fed them 1 whole orange twice a week. that may be the problem. i may have given them too much for a moist diet... i'm going to feed more dry foods... thank you for the thought... :) i hope i don't lose this next colony. i'm going to have thousands of babies soon so that would SUCK...
i fed my colony 1 slice of cantaloupe the other day
the next day when i was about to take it out, i noticed there was an orange puddle at the corner
it was fairly small and no roaches where caught in it
as i wiped it out, it smelled like cantaloupe......

i never had this happened even when i feed a whole orange
but i guess cantaloupe is a lot more juicier
so that's something to take in mind when feeding very hydrated fruit

just want to share my similar experience and hope it helps in some way :D
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