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Meet Merlin

We got him one week ago from LLL reptiles. He is 5 inches from head to toe. we haven't weighed him yet because we are trying not to overhandle him. I assume he is about a month old...?

I have also attached a picture of his tank (40 gals). I have tried to give him as much hidey space as possible and the basking temperature on his surfaces is around 100 degrees.

I am concerned we are not getting him to eat enough. He does anywhere from 8 to 15 or 16 Dubia Roaches a day and won't touch salad, although we offer at every meal. He hasn't eaten the crickets I have although they seem a little big for him.

He has pooped every day and it looks like it should.

He is still skittish around me and my family as we feed him and he does like to hide a bit, sometimes I think at the expense of basking time. I notice that he is very noise sensitive and we don't always have the quietest house. I am working on a way to sound baffle some of the outside of the tank.

I am nervous about having such a little critter and I am happy to hear any advice or critique as I really want to do right by this little guy.



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In reading through lots of comments it is clear how important lighting is in all of this.
It looks like I have non-preferred thermometers can you post a link to what I should have? The temperatures on my digital gun read around 100.
My UVB lamp is a ZooMed ReptiSun 10.0 17w T8. It is about 7” from top basking spot.


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Your lighting and temps are fine. Its normal for a dragon to have a decreased appetite when moving to a new home.
He is actually eating quite well for a new guy.
Babies often don't know that greens are food, it takes awhile for them to figure it out.
Keeping offering greens, sooner or later he should get curious and try them. I'd cut the greens smaller so he doesn't have to try and chew bits off.

If you ever see him gaping while basking, try to pop a green in his mouth to help him learn.
Dragons can be picky, mine won't eat crickets or soldier fly larvae.

I like the accurite digital thermometer with probe. You can pick one up at walmart for around $15

Babies are very skittish and humans look like big monsters. Just be consistent and gentle. You can pat him every time you get in the cage if he will allow it or hand feed him the dubia. Anything so he learns hands aren't scary.

If he seems to be hiding a lot, remove the hide for now. Some dragons will hide excessively instead of basking. This should stop once he gets more comfortable but for now, just don't give him the option to hide.

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