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Hey there,

I recently found out I can purchase a new beardy. & I am obsessed with leatherbacks! I love how they look & feel! I do have a spending limit so I cant go to expensive. But I am interested in a 1-4month old.
I have looked up on Bloodbank & Dachiu. But figured I would ask for all of your inputs if anyone new any good breeders so I can help some fellow friends out :)
Let me know!


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All about Beardeds! Some of the prettiest colors I have ever seen. Very friendly, and knowledgable.
He also has a FB page :) Hes my favorite!
Rainbow dragons
fire and Ice
Carolina classic
rio reptiles
hope I gave you a few options :wink:


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You did you helped alot. I have searched a few of them but there were a few I never did :). I went & looked around & took notes & phone numbers down. My problem is making my MIND UPPP URGHHHH!!! ahahaha. Its so hard I want them all. I have like 8 Im debating about ahaha


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I got Scully from Rainbow - she's good especially if you're looking for something in the red-orange colors. Most of her breeders are bigguns so you can expect your baby to be too :)


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So far what Im trying to decide btwn is a
-Italian Female LeatherBack Crimson SuperBlood
-Female Leatherback 50%Het Hypo Red/Orange
-Male Hypo het translucent that has nice red black colors

soo hard to decide. think I might call the companies tomo and ask what final price will be with shipping & things about them. which prob wont do damn thing for my decisions because I can never make my mind up between beardys because I like them all urghh lol.
I do have a male already & they all will have there own tanks. (also have female but once my girlfriend moves out shes taking her). & I dont plan on breeding but I never know. I rather a female sense I alrdy have a male but I dont know lol


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I'm tellin' ya add 'All About Beardeds' as a friend on FB! He often updates the FB with what he has for adoption and my goodness there are some beauties!
I honestly have a love/hate relationship with the updates though... LOVE the dragons, HATE that I can't have every single one........
He has got some beautiful deep dark reds. Very hard to find the real color red amongst breeders. Usually when a breeder lists them as 'red' they are technically orange.
I spent months researching every breeder and what their specialty was.
Blood Bank is very reputable but they informed me that I won't find any true color reds :?
At the time, they didn't have any....
The funny thing is, after night after night of research emails and searching. I came across a normal baby with a tail nip. I was so excited to get a beards that I just wanted to hold one for fun. Well, that normal is now my baby Emma... NO special color or morph. MORPHS are very fun but remember that when shipping you don't get to first meet your beardie. They all have different personalities. $350-$400 set up fee. with a morph you are looking at several hundred.
I know how you feel and I totally understand the color and morph interest! My advice to you... don't go to any pet stores while pondering who you'll buy your Beardie from... Haha!
The awesome thing is that a month later the store had a big yellow beardie with TRUE BLUE EYES! Most blue eyes are a medical condition and can affect vision but this guy was the real deal!
I scooped him up and now I have Jasper and Emma!
Secretly I still want the beautiful dark red as well though...
Hahah sorry for the book I wrote you! You just sound a lot like how I sounded when I first posted looking for breeders and colors :)

BBCode (message boards & forums)

BBCode (message boards & forums)

BBCode (message boards & forums)

These are my babies! Didn't have them on my iPad so I snapshot a few! Normal or Morph they are both little devils :wink:


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If you don't know who all the more established breeders are, I just updated my breeder link page a couple weeks ago after Vicki Dachiu asked me to update their link. Check out http://www.rioreptiles.com/breeders.html
All the breeders we have listed have been breeding for at least three years, up to 25 years for draggintailsinc.
Regardless of who you buy from, be sure they answer all your questions and will be there for you if you need something.
Oh, and just in case you haven't already looked, we just posted some leather babies for sale at http://www.beardeddragons.co


Also check out jabberwocky dragons. (Jabberwockydragons.com) I'm noy sure if he has any babies yet, but if he doesn't he will shortly. He always has dragons with a lot of color for a very reasonable price. You can always email him.


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sebby757":15thn4wi said:
Also check out jabberwocky dragons. (Jabberwockydragons.com) I'm noy sure if he has any babies yet, but if he doesn't he will shortly. He always has dragons with a lot of color for a very reasonable price. You can always email him.

I bought Kiki from him. Very great guy to work with.



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Aww the pics you posted are cute lol Im same way I have pics all over my facebook with pictures of me & my beardys, Im 23 & I acted like they been my children for years ahahaha. But yea I did some research, problem is Im not trying spend 200$. & I honestly found quite a few beautiful ones for my price range. I like Bloodbank but there alittle on the expsnesive side. I do no alot of the websites for breeders I just figured I would post this seeing if there were any I didnt know which there were I think two. Yea with Red, the Orange color is in the red catagory, there same family, but when you want a RED you want a RED not a ORANGE lol. But I dont really dont care about morphs other then Leatherback. If its Het or Hypo that I dont care about because I wont be breeding anyway. But to get a dragon thats all of them in one is pretty interesting. I'm going to link the ones Im interested it. Now when I say this please dont take it offensive, I just have had experience with doing this, that I would show someone dragon I wanted, & because I needed wait a week, that person went & bought it when they had NO IDEA about it till I showed them, so if you want it, & in a week its still there go ahead, just please dont go & buy them right after I link it =/.

Female 6 3/4" Super Orange Citrus Firetiger Leatherback 50% pos. het hypo. Which is what I ALWAYS wanted but I want red not orange, but its soo gorgeous, & Im color blind with shades so to me I see slight red but Im not sure.


6-7 Inch Male. ( Hypo / Het Translucent ) - Now this one it doesnt say its a Leatherback but it does look like one, but his colors & descion are GORGEOUS, but I really really want a Leatherback. But out of them all hes the cheapest.
There all nice, but I like the first one best. Thats my opinion. But then you must look at breeders and which one you think will be the best fit for you. I'm sure they are all great :)


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they are all lovely!
Maybe ask to see pictures of the parents? Just so you can see the color they will most likely be :)
Either way, they are all beautiful!
From my past research, the ones with orange and red have very orange parents.
I can't wait to see who's the lucky he/she! haha
And I have my eye on one I'll post it in a second!
But unless I meet a nice person who is really handy with woodworking or rich enough to invest money into stackable visiob cages, I'm SOL lol! :)
No room left!


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And if your worried that someone might come by and like the beardie you want, post it the picture through imgur or photobucket :D


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AHAHA OMG MY GOD! I was looking at that one I forgot who its from though! You need wait a few weeks I think the person said before he will sell them. There sooo red! But its such a beauty. I decided not to tho because as you know I want a Leatherback!
Here if you want send me friend request on facebook https://www.facebook.com/adamn.bailey.7?ref=tn_tnmn

Yea Im mostly leaning towards the top 2 atm but I cant decide. I really want one but now Im having 2nd thoughts that maybe I should wait till my girlfriend moves out (having issues & should be moving out within few weeks). Because I also dont have much room but I can still easily take care of it. I DONT KNOW & ITS KILLLLLING ME! I just went to bank to deposit money because I was pretty sure I was going to come back here & order one but urghhhhhhh!!!! lol


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Okay I did! It's all about Beardeds!
There is another person who's name escaped me who is famous in the Beardie world for crazy colors like witblitz and purples.... I can't remember who though!
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