Long time site surfer, finally have my own beardie!!!

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Hello everyone! First off, I have to say THANK YOU!!! I have been surfing this site for MONTHS now, reading articles and discussions so I was totally prepared for my new beardie! I had a bearded dragon back when I was in my first year of college named Draco (how original, right)? haha. I LOVED that dragon. She was so incredibly sweet. Almost a year ago I started to get this little bug that I should get another one. I started searching around and couldn't believe all the different morphs available these days!!! Truly spectacular some of them. I spoke with A LOT of different breeders and have finally ended up with the beardie I have now. Currently, I've been calling him Bailey "Bailes" but it doesn't quiiiiite suit him. So, i'm up for suggestions!!

Thanks again of all the information and advice you all provide on this site and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!

Jacquelynn and Bailey!




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that's a beautiful coloring!! Holy custard yellows batman!! Maybe you should give it a more idk um... "yellow-y" name?

For some reason I'm looking at that first picture thinking it should be called Puff,Puffer,Puffy, or some variation therof :)

Cheers and congratz on the new dragon!


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When I saw that first pic I immediately thought "Spirit"! :D No matter what name you choose it will be perfect! OH, what a beautiful dragon.


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I agree with Amanda he has beautiful colorin... but if you want to stick with liquer names you can try whiskey, lemon drop, I'm starting to wish for a drink.... lol, welcome to the forum


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That's a beautiful dragon! His colors are so vibrant and awesome! The name Sunshine comes to mind, but that's because I have a female citrus leatherback named Sunny!



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Wow thank you everyone! Some nice suggestions. I'll mull it over a little (maybe over a drink!) and let you guys know!!


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Looking at it again, it still reminds me of a Puffer-fish for some reason hehe. Post more pictures of him doing stuff!!


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Because of his pretty yellow coloring, you might consider calling him Yolko. From which breeder did you get him, and how many inches long is he? He is adorable!


How about yellow in a different language? Looked a few up and manjano is yellow in Swahili. Amarillo is Spanish. Also a cool name if you only have ONE dragon is Moja....that's one in Swahili! You have a beautiful dragon! Please post more pics!
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