Loncoln Logs in a viv???

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My kids still have no idea we're getting a dragon, I am still working on the viv and need a branch or something for the little guy to perch on (once we get him). I have thought about going for a walk with the kids to pick out a nice oak branch to use, but then I came across a set of lincoln logs while helping the kids clean out the toy closet. They want to get rid of them and I thought about cleaning them, and assebmling them into a climbing structure/perch in the basking light. Does anyone see any reason that this would not work if the structure were sufficiently glued/nailed together to ensure that it wouldn't come apart or fall over??? :?


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They should be just fine. Be a bit cautious with the glue though. You need to make sure the glue doesnt start to melt and give off any fumes in the basking area where temps can be as high as 110 degrees. Other than that, go for it and post some pics!


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I would use elmers (non-toxic) outdoor wood glue that way you can wash it and not worry about it coming apart. I think it is a great idea!
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