Liver Disease, Heart Failure, Fluid In Abdomen.


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Hi all! I'm new to this website and hope it's OK to post my experience in hope it can help others with their Bearded Dragon if in a similar situation.

My 2 year old Beardie Kiwi became very lethargic and stopped eating. I went down all the usual routes of changing heat emitter strip light and made sure everything was spot on in her tank which it was. Her eye began to pulse which made her eye look as if she was looking backwards. I took her to a very good exotic vet who took blood and provided milk thistle. These made no difference so I returned for ultrasound and a scan. The scan showed fluid in abdomen, heart failure and liver disease. The vet provided medicine similar to water tablets. The meds didn't help her, both eyes became swolen and were pulsing. A full day passed and she didn't open her eyes and lay on bottom of tank. On the last visit to the vet she found that the fluid had worsened and due to beardies not having a diaphram it was getting in to chest cavity and effecting heart and lungs. The vet in the end advised that her condition was most likely genetic and the kindest thing to do was put her to sleep. It broke my heart, she was my baby! I'm going to post some pictures of my wee Angel and the final pictures in hope it can help someone else. I couldn't seem to find anything on the Internet about pulsing eyes in a bearded dragon when it started.


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I am so very sorry to hear about Kiwi. :cry: Genetic problems have unfortunately been at the forefront
causing a myriad of health issues. Inbreeding is the culprit for many problems. It is very sad when they
are so young & it isn't caught early on before developing too many problems.
Sometimes they can be reversed but a lot of times the organs become too damaged. I am sure that she
was very happy & was lucky to have a caring owner to help her.

My condolences for your loss.


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