Little Newt -- u will b sorely missed :((

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My female, Miss Fatty, lay eggs back during the summer & I got 6 hatchlings from her second clutch. They hatched exactly one month ago on July 19th. They've all been doing great until 3 days ago when the smallest, Newt, suddenly stopped eating. No crickets or greens or anything. I've worked with him during that time feeding him Pedialyte thru a med dropper several times a day and also pulverized fruit but it just wasn't enuff. I knew last night it was almost over -- he just got weaker and weaker so fast that even the suggestions given to me by some of u on the ER forum didn't help. I thank u all for trying to help me. So I sat up with him all night last night until he took his last breath around 6AM. I can hardly type this for the tears flowing for poor little Newt. Idk what else I cud've done, I tried everything I knew & it wasn't enuff so I feel very bad about it. I'm so sorry Newt -- u only had a month on this earth but I loved u so much as I do all my babies and I will miss u every day. I wish we cud've had more time but at least ur not suffering anymore and ur in a better place. Thank u 4 coming into my life and blessing me with ur presence. I'll love u 4ever and will never forget u. Goodbye, lil Newt.
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