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Hello everybody! My name is Nemesis and my lil dragon's name is Cyrus he is approximately 8 weeks old and I purchased him on Nov. 8th, 2015. I bought superworms and have been feeding him twice a day.I would love some easy things to remember to do or anything I ABSOLUTELY need to know. I would appeciate it deeply. :)


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Hi, congrats on your new baby! Keep an eye on his poop with the superworms, as they can be quite hard for them to digest, especially while they are young. What lights and brands do you have? Here is a great site on feeding and supplements! http://www.beautifuldragons.com/Nutrition.html
Wish you the best with your baby, questions and pictures are always welcome! :wink: :)


I'm very new to this forum as well and learned a TON reading through 'lighting guide for newbies' in the Enclosures section. As mentioned above the nutrition guide was great. A proper diet with good variation, as well as lighting & heat will have him growing in no time! Just browse around and pop in with questions as they come up - tons of friendly knowledgable, friendly people here


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Hi. Congratulations on your little one :D . Don't feed meal worms as those are very hard for babies to digest and definitely NO superworms until he is 16 inches as babies have a kink in their digestive track and that causes them to get impacted easily.
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