list of dubia food you feed your roaches

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Just curious to see what you guys feed your roaches ...

also why do all the males seem to stick together i always find 5 or 10 males in one area is that normal


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I feed my roaches bearded dragons :twisted: ....

no really...crushed up dry dog food, fruits, leftover beardie salad, ...


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Yes, I find them huddled...sometimes all males (you just know they are talking about the females dontcha?LOL)

But often there will be a mixed bunch. It's crazy but a favorite hang out (besides the crates of course) is right behind the temp/humidity gauge LOL I don't know how so many of them can sqeeze behind there without me being able to see them, but if I move the gauge, there must be 20 of them that scatter LOL

They always have the dry dog food (they don't eat it as much as I think they should? I use lamb and rice cuz that's what we feed our dog).

Anything leftover is fine, just watch closely for mold if you do that.
I cut an orange in half and it lasts 5-6 days if I have other food in there.
I used to think I had to do something special, make sure the food was just right yada yada, but it turns out they do best if you just toss a few things in once or twice a week, keep it dark, have something for hydration and let them be :mrgreen:



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I Mix the following in the chopper:
Dog Food
Cat Food
Corn Meal

and then I shred Sweet potatos and feed those daily.. They love it

any kinds of fruits are good too


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hammerhead":33hp9kz2 said:
carrots, apples, corn on the cob, right now I want to feed my 2 kids to them. :banghead:

:lol: Now that's funny!

Dry Cat Food
Collard Greens


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Im feeding cricket chow to my feeders, just to get rid of it, along with navel oranges. The breeders get the high class treatment with roach chow, navel oranges, leftover salad.


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What kind of blender do you use to chop up the dog/cat food??? Food processor or a blender????? Brand????


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1beardie":1a038qlf said:
What kind of blender do you use to chop up the dog/cat food??? Food processor or a blender????? Brand????

I use the *As Seen on TV* (lol) Magic Bullet they call it :mrgreen: I love it. A cheap coffee grinder would work also...and for 10-20 dollars you likely could get one.

Personally, I don't use a blender any more...too much of a pain. LOL I use different gadgets.



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I tried one of the cheap coffee grinders.... burnt out the motor after about a lb of cat food......


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I've fed my dubias high protein kitten chow with great success. It's already pretty small so grinding isn't required. I also feed them oranges, apples, cantaloupe, squash, almost anything. When I've got those last few strawberries that didn't get eaten and they're starting to look a bit withered, the dubias go through them lightning fast!



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Cat food
fish food
off-brand cheerios

Any fruit that I have which isn't very fresh anymore, or anything with a core or pit that I can't eat (that tiny bit of extra fruit stuck to the outside of the core might not seem like much to you, but it'll fill quite a few roach bellies).
Bananas, plums, grapes, apples, oranges, pears, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, mango...

I also feed them the stalks of collard leaves after I pull off all the yummy leafy bits for my dragon.
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