Liquid calcium/bee pollen on salads?


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I'm currently only giving my beardies vitamins and calcium 2 days a week (bug day). I'm wondering if that is fine or if I should put it on/in their salads which will also them more calcium when they eat salads. I have experimented with bee pollen and calcium powder on salads and it's a no go. So I thought liquid would fool them in to eating salads since it isn't a powder substance. A lot of people praise bee pollen i was wondering if I could mix bee pollen with water and spray it on their salads too


From personal experience with my dragon, she only started to notice the bee pollen after I sprayed it with water once i sprinkled it on her salad with calcium powder also. I hope that works for you


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When i use liquid calcium i mix it into some water with a little none citrus fruit punch. Then i just drip on their nose. If i just mix it in plain water they see right through my tricks and refuse to drink it. They are terribly perceptive lol.

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