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So I got lights from a pet shop and they did tell/recommended me to buy them but someone on here told me that I have to change them because they are coil lights and they are bad for bearded dragon and I’m really confused do I need to change them or not and because my tank is really high what type/watts should I buy can you guys pls help and can u tell me if I even need to change them!

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I like the height of that enclosure. Lots of space to climb around on. I also like that there are nice shade areas created by the hammock and log. Lots of really good options there.

I probably would make some adjustments to the lighting. The coil bulbs are better suited for small enclosures (20g tank etc) and the lower wattage (13w) are better for shade dwellers. For a tall enclosure like this, I recommend using a T5 fixture and bulb that is at least 24'' long (enough for an adult to bask under evenly) and set that along the back of the enclosure, starting right next to where the basking light is. That will help to combine the UVB and the warmth from the basking light. When combined, they better imitate natural sunlight. I'd recommend doing this with the current bulb, but it looks like the sockets are set where they are so moving the bulb would be tough.

I'd probably just replace the UVB light you have with a heat projector bulb if the enclosure gets cold at night (below 65ish). That can be turned on as needed. Otherwise you could use the second socket for more ambient light if needed, or just leave it as it is.

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